Free Read. Welcome to the free library.

Free Read's mission is to fulfill the human right of access to scientific knowledge and education (Articles 27 and 26 of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Have you ever wondered how scholars from the developing world access the books and articles they need to assist their communities? The answer is tragic and inspiring.

Their universities often can’t afford to access all the books and databases that we take for granted in our libraries. So they built their own. Historic and unprecedented: an open online library for humanity, bringing the miracle of science and knowledge to even the poorest universities and hospitals in the furthest rural corners of the world.

The Sci-Hub and Library Genesis collections fulfill United Nations world development goals mandating the removal of restrictions on access to science, and they serve developing world doctors, academic researchers, and other experts in society with the knowledge they need to build a better world. Keeping these libraries open and thriving means saving lives, educating the world, and providing invaluable science to humanity’s global experts.